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14 Points PLC Relay Output
  • 14 Points PLC Relay Output
  • LM3105 220VAC power supply, 8 Channels DC24V DI,6 Channels Relay DO PLC Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), a digital arithmetic controller with microprocessor for automatic control, can store and execute control commands at any time. The programmable co
  • Yueqing Yumo Electric Factory  [Verified]
Salmon Filleting Machine
  • Salmon Filleting Machine
  • Salmon filleting machine WORKING PRINCIPLE Salmon filleting machine fillets fish without head and cut fish into 3 parts without main bones. The blades are designed in disc type, so the fish meat will be in good condition, and it brings advantages to follo
  • SSS Hardware International Trading Co.,Ltd  [Verified]

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